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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Caution: Contains Nuts.

Now we all know our Karen is nuts....certifably so, if our vids are to be beleived with the Brum Bombshell. She is currently in top weekly lad's mag Nuts Magazine's "Bedroom Babes" feature.

She needs our votes... and will love us forever if we can mobilise our little army to assist her to win! She gets a double page spread in the magazine if she wins- that would be awesome for her! She'll get all showbiz then :p and vote for "Kay" from Birmingham. However pretty the others are, its her you should vote for! On pain of death! Go on, it'll take 10 seconds tops!

In other news, we should be shooting the awesome shoot that was postponed from when the Scouse One was dead for.... so there might be some stuff out on our twitter feed of

Get voting!

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