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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Messy Jessie and Rose (gunge) In Their Pants

I present you with two of the best girls we’ve ever had on the site, the legend of mess, blonde bombshell and full time diva that is Miss Messy Jessie and the gorgeous flame haired gunge addict that is Rose. We decided they should play one of the silliest games we do on the site “In My Pants” but we forgot to tell them that the gunge was rather cold! It’s Episode 50 Part 2 up now on the download store 


Before you go and check that out don’t forget if you haven’t already to go here and vote to decide if Annabelle ends up in the inflateable bondage chair this weeked! 

Also talking of this weekend Messymayhem towers will be open for business and we are aiming as usual to have twitter feed coming live from the shoots as we do them. So if you want to see behind the scenes photos and keep up with the chaos, mess and silly going on point yourself at our twitter and give us a follow

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