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Thursday, 9 July 2015

Special guests Ariel & Sadie, nude, tied, tickled and messy for the first Messymayhem Extreme!

Our special guests are wambabes legends Ariel and Sadie. When I contacted Ariel about making some videos for us I came up with idea of doing something a little bit new. Ariel and Sadie (probably foolishly) were really up for it. This saw them making the pilot for “Messymayhem Extreme!” where we take the usual elements of messymayhem, silly games, gorgeous girls, lots of mess and general chaos but also add a few extra fetish elements on the way such as bondage and tickling. Oh and if you lose, you’re not just getting messy, you’re getting messy nude. The first game we have modified for our Extreme format is “Don’t Laugh or You’ll Lose” so have a look as Ariel and Sadie take it on in Episode 76 Part 1 available now on the download store

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