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Thursday, 1 January 2015

Walk through on how to host Messymayhem (and test the gunge tank while you’re at it)

Happy New Year! We’re kicking off 2015 as we mean to go on, in a rather messy way. It’s a new year, as you might have gathered from our recent video with Karen and my blog posts we have a new gunge tank. Unfortunately the first time we got to play with it Annabelle was otherwise engaged. Therefore we needed a new (or rather guest host) in the form of the rather gorgeous Patience. Patience turned up before the shoot in her bikini and wanted to know what she had to do and how the shoot was going to work. So I decided to give her a quick walk through of what she needed to do was going to happen on the shoot. What she didn’t realise was Guest0 our “gunge tank technician” was also planning on testing the tank before the other models arrived at the same time….It’s Episode 69 Part 1 and it’s up now on the download store

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