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Wednesday 25 November 2009

Tuesday 17 November 2009


Greetings Messymayhem fans.... hope you liked our cent sale of the Annabella shoot... you never know it might happen again.... anyways it's time for me, the Cornish One to let you know about our next update....

We tried and failed in Episode 1 to come up with a satisfying conclusion, and well due to a number of actions, a burst tyre, a diva, a train to catch, we kinda dropped at last minute. So for Episode 2, with no such constraints, we asked friends Michelle and Annabell to come up with an end game.... and Extreme Rock Paper Scissors was born....

The rules were drawn up as follows

1. The game is done over the best of 9 legs. Rock beats Scissors etc etc
2. First to 5 wins
3. Every loss incurrs a forfeit i.e. a gunging
4. The first to incur 4 losses, loses their bra aswell as taking a bucket
5. The Winner covers themselves in glory, the loser covers themselves with the buckets of "Sloppy Seconds", recycled gunge from the pool of doom and whatever else is left
6. Jon's decision is final! This rule is final and absolute!
7. Once the game is over, both girls are left to freestyle in the pool, to discuss the finer points of the game, and the events of the world. Or failing that, have a bloody good wrestle!

So for the promised sneeky peekies?

It was one hell of a lot of fun to shoot, and the outcome had reprecussions for months to come... Once the Scouse one has edited it and put sparkly bits on it - you will love this clip!

Sunday 8 November 2009

More Michelle???


Well it seems the general consensus on the forums is that you good people of various such talking shops were taken with the clean co star of Episode 2 Part 1 - Annabelle and Don't laugh!... the voluptuous Michelle !

Well our editing goblins have been hard at work, and well, we've come up something that we think you'll like soon enough. A nice vid with a nice outcome, and the usual hi res pics - far superior than these examples on here!

I do have happy mammories of this shoot, and well she has a great sense of humour, and well isnt afraid of making a big tit of herself.
So keep abreast of the situation by following the usual places....

And look I spent the last paragraph trying not to be distracted by Michelle's enourmous breasts.

Ah feck.