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Saturday 24 December 2011

The Messymayhem Advent Calendar December 25th

Merry Christmas from Scouse and Cornish, to all our customers, models and hangers on. We you have a fine Christmas and a messy new year...

So Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a message from the Queen, resplondent in her crown of gold....the Queen of UK wam scene indeed, and the UK's most gunged woman , Messy Jessie!

The Messymayhem Advent Calendar December 24th

Our Welsh wonder, Shay Hendrix looks fab in blue and yellow day to go, who will be the messy mayhem xmas treat????

Wednesday 21 December 2011

Monday 5 December 2011

A Messymayhem Roadtrip....

....and now a break from the Advent Countdown, to tell you about the weekends goings on....

Our last shoot of 2012 to be precise, as for once, both Scouse and Cornish had many motorway miles to meander along, and for once, both had company.

Preparation is key for a big shoot, and this was going to be our biggest shoot - EVER! Travel was done in good time - for Cornish - he travelled up to Mrs Cornish's in Nottinghamshire in preparation on the Thursday, and Scouse got down to Derbyshire to meet with the lovely Rose.

So on the Friday, Scouse got to eat Pizza and drink beer with Rose, whilst Cornish made pasties for the troops, ably assisted by Mrs C....

Saturday comes, and Rose and Scouse set off down the motorway, and an early start, to avoid the NEC traffic, was ill advised, as we were suppose to meet the lovely Brook at 9:4, and arrived at 9! Brook then text to say her train was running late. So, off to McDonalds we go, then via the most rubbishest Morrisons, we meet our destination. Somewhat delayed, the Brumster Brook, joins in the fun as we all get to Chez Messy Jessie at the same time, in a somewhat couldn't have scripted it better assualt on her front door.

With 9 videos to shoot, and a squad rotation system going that any Premiership football manager would be greatful of. So who was the fantasy line up that we had.....

Some Muppet with Kermit the Frog.....

Auburn haired beauty and star of our August shoot, Rose, who just loves getting gunged!

Olly Murs suffered from a head cold as Jessie had nicked his trademark hat

And the we had the most gunged woman in the UK, the undisputed Queen of the British WAM scene, Messy Jessie, who just loves getting gunged!!
 ...and finally after surviving Demi Scott and the madness of Karen, we got Brook back for a much more sedated shoot. And she absolutely HATES getting gunged!! Well not that badly anyways

It's December, I shouldn't keep your tongue out?
So with the Messy Jessie Studio, primed, stocked, set up and tarped, it was ready for action. The Girls had to lose as many items of clothing as quickly as possible. With headwear in abundance and rapid removal clothing chosen, one forgot about it and wore jeans. Clothing and gunge was then dispensed
The right choice of outfit wasn't in her jeans....

The fashion item of the year!
The casual viewer of the Umd, may be aware that Rose recieved a very special present from the Scouse one - a t shirt that says "I've been Gunged on"
This caused some green eyed monsterness from Jessie and Brook who wanted one. So Rose decided to set an initiation test or two...

 Then a demostration, a spot of infortainment and testing as our awesome threesome showed us how to make Natrasol Gunge, Cornflour Gunge and Pies, followed by a willing demonstration or 3

After much consumption of pizza, wine and sweets, and the Cornish goodies of handcrafted pasties and the the legendary Rattler as modelled by Jessie here....

 As the 9th film was approaching its conclusion, and with the scores at 4-4-4 (as always) the girls went on strike. Drastic measures and negioations that ACAS would have been proud of. A spot of bucket dunking was resolved.

As a final thought, its probably not a good idea to request a picture for your fella, especially as the gunge has gone a little on the cold side, and there is buckets and a frankly bored Mrs C to throw in a third bucket Brook!
So the last shoot of 2011 means we are almost ready to unleash 2012's new stuff on you guys!

Keep em peeled