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Monday 22 November 2010

Guess who's back... and this time she's wielding a bucket....

for a change....

We return for Episode 12, back to two of our faves.... well one, goes without introduction. Yes thats right, Annabell is back! Oh and Messy Jessie too....

In Episode 1. Annabell play our Battlesplat games, where a correct guess keeps you clean, and well a wrong one gets you, err, splatted....

You would have thought Lady Jessington would been nice with a bucket..... Plenty of slo mos and plenty of goo...

This will probably be the last blog of 2010, and coming soon, we shall tease whats to come in 2011, and let me tell you we have some absolute crackers. Not like your rubbish ones you'll be pulling for the glad naff combs and rubbish paper hats here I tell thee....

Merry Chringletonmas

Wednesday 17 November 2010

Tuesday 19 October 2010

God dag , den er en annan Messymayhem uppdatera

.... as a tribute to one of the stars of Messymayhem's latest installment. Episode 11, starring Swedish blonde (hang on, are there any brunettes in Sweden) Chivone, and alt goth Kayleigh, neither of which had ever done this kind of thing before, but loved the idea, so who did they call, Ghostbusters! Sadly Messrs Egon and Venkman couldn't help, and gave them our number...

Highlights of this episode include....

Chivone's ability to drink cider and pour gunge at the same time....
Kayleigh admitting she's named after the Marillon 80's soft rock ballad track of the same name....
Chivone's beautiful rendition of her National anthem!
Kayleigh's chaperone really getting into the spirit of things, "Get it in her face, she loves it in her face"
Kayleigh asking for help from said boyfriend chaperone, and him making her lose! We liked him, don't know why!

Part 1 sees our duo take on the challenge of hands, feet and mouth, the game of skill and poise to see who is the macdaddy of removing marshmellows from a tub of Angel Delight.....

Also..... Episode 8 starring some waif and stray we found under a park bench, is now in the UMD store

In other news.... our twitter feed - will be a buzzin' as we're shooting a few episodes over the weekend. Some familar faces will be seen, and one of them might set you the viewers a lil challenge in exchange for a freebie...

See you round like a mini covered choco doughnut from Asda.....

Din i Smal (Yours in Slime)

The Cornish One.

Sunday 5 September 2010

Entering the Tenth Kingdom....

... and no we're not talking about some weird sci fi programme with trolls and wizards thing and talking dogs from America. We're talking about Messymayhems 10th Episode.... a veritable war of the Roses, starring experienced splosher Demi, from white rosed Yorkshire and relative newb red rosed Nicole.

So we start off with the traditional favourite.....Don't Laugh...

Now bear in mind, Demi is uber hyperactive, but also bear in mind the sweet laden goodies that the girls have at their disposal, Ms Scott was practically bouncing off the bleeding walls. A game of balance and poise, and Nicole, to suceed, had to enter a veritable zen of calm.

Lunacy was prevalent.

Nicole's chances of staying clean.


But it didn't end up all going Demi's way, and a precedent was set......

It's a coming as soon the Scouse one's hamster broadband uploads it....

Tuesday 3 August 2010

Just shoot me...

Greeting fellow bloggers. After a week's recovery in the Priory for the stress and caused from the weekends shooting malarky, it is time to bloggeth forth...

Now the 6 P's are key to any shoot. Proper Preparation Prevent Piss Poor Performance. However even with proper preparation,things can go wrong.

Those readers familar with the top motoring show "Top Gear" will be familar when Clarkson says "How hard can it be", or when your team is leading 2-0, and you turn to your friend and say "cmon ref, blow up now, nothing can go wrong now" and you watch your side get defeated 3-2.

Picture the scene, everything ready, models have been picked up from the station, model relases and the like printed out, final framing of the cameras, when one of the models recieves a message that a family member has been rushed into hospital. And bear in mind, the other model is a very close friend, cue tearful model and a quick trip back to the station by yours truly.

As I left, the Scouse one mentioned the following....

"I'll see if Annabelle is available"

Now there is no more forelorn sight than a studio, ready and raring to go, gunge primed, pool inflated, cameras pointed, and nothing to shoot.

Cue thumb twiddling, massive panicing and frantic rescheduling. Our mystery guest was joining us for pizza and beers at 5 ish, we knew there might be some overlap, with clean up and the like, and the fact that she had been bouncing like Tigger for the week previous, meant that we had a sneaking suspicion that she might have wanted a play then. So 1 down, 1 to get!

Now those who remember the infamous Messy Jessie shoot know that she was joined with Annabelle, star of eps 2 and 6. She lives fairly local to the studio, and is a self confessed convert to the cause. As inventor of XRPS... the extreme Rock Paper Scissors finale, Annabelle is now a bit of a legend. She has gotten us out of a mess, by being so up for getting in one!

So she was picked up, and Mystery Guest and partner were left in the capable hands of Jo, chief cheerleader, cleaner upper and the like, and shooting happened until the gunge got cold. Cue me dropping Annabelle back to the station, and a rarity as a five man clean up began - Pizza ordered and eaten at near midnight, cud chewed, dust sheets changed and a huge sigh, as bed called at 2am.

Up again at 7am as we had yet another shoot, the scheduled one with Mystery Guest, with the visit of our first ever gunge victim, Karen (From Episode 1, 5 and 9). Emergency sets of additonal underwear were bought!

Many games were played, which further underlined Karen's paranoia that all the games are rigged against her, despite having games of complete chance!

A gungey cuddle greeted then end for us from Karen, who had warned us it was coming, and to be fair, it had, but it was tame. Had it had been bigger, the bigger the retribution! She did say she'd travel home in one of our stylish binbags if necessary - I would have loved to be the traffic cop who stopped her!

So clean up and Mystery Guest packed back to whence she came, Bob goes to get a chippy tea. Disaster #1. Chippy was closed. So with buckets and everything cleaned, we decided to leave the rest of the re-rigging til Monday morn! We sat reviewed the footage with a beer and then, beep beep, goes the text from Monday's returnee saying that her babysitter had also been rushed to hospital! Drat! So off the subs bench comes a model that had done some nilla photography with el Scousio. All sorted, I started making plans for Tuesday down in Cornwallshire, and snoozed liked a good un. Monday morning. Another casualty. Said Nilla model has been biten by a mozzy, and it swelled up meaning she could barely walk! Bugger. We tried and scoured for a Monday shoot. Morale was low. I was gonna head home. We were exhausted. We scoured our usual sources, and we struck gold - purely by accident. We looking at this models hilarous profile, a true piss take of every bad model's profile. Dropped her a text thru a third party and 30 seconds later, a phonecall from a giddy and excited Layla! She was already shooting, and well wanted to reschedule and do it in the evening. So sadly, I had to change the plans I made and Tuesday, and Candie came along too, and well, we was ready to rumble...

"No Papa Smurf, not the face, I've been a good girl".

Such innuendo and one liners made it an absolute joy to work with, and Candie loved it too. So a quick finish including Layla getting dropped home via me, leaving Candie, Jo and the Scouse one to clean up the mess...

Bloody exhausting I tell ya.

Currently on Messy Mayhem we have episode 9, starring the aforementioned Karen and Lorna - coming increasingly soon is the XRPS, that launched a thousand innuendos!

Til then, where's my medication, Matron?..... blarble ..... ***drool***

The Cornish One (with Padded Walls, and a nice buckled jacket)

Friday 30 July 2010

Tweet tweet!!!!

Ok, folks we are ready for the next group of shoots. Avid fans of the site might recognise a few of our vic...err models for the weekend, including a few of our fave models, and 3 new models, including one mystery guest which viewers of a certain forum may know.

So behind the scene stuff and sneaky peaks follow @messymayhemcom at Twitter!

Tuesday 6 July 2010

This is explosive....

So you like our mystery guest then?

Messy Jessie is here. And this time in Episode 8 Part 2.... things are gonna go off... both her and Annabelle take to the legendary Bomb quiz... an indeterminate amount of time, a load of inane trivia questions, and an alarm clock. Question right means you move it along, question wrong you keep the bomb. If it blows, you get gunged. Simples. As the Meerkat might say.

Quote from Jessie's partner. "She'll suck at this". She did.

Coming soon to a forum near you soon!

Well tis bin a while folks.

Saturday 12 June 2010's a mystery......

With echoes of Toyah's early 80's hit of the same name... its time to tease you with whats coming in Episode 8....

Imagine the scene, months of planning by the Scouse one where we intended to have two mystery guests, however one dropping out at 7:15 am on the morning posed a problem. Cue frantic ringing and manic searching for a replacement.

Step forward veteran of shoots past - Annabelle, who put off a vanilla shoot for a catalogue to come shoot with ourselves, and our said mystery guest!

Now our mystery guest has done this kind of thing one or two times before, but never to the extremes of Messymayhem. This will be an exclusive....

As wobbleboard botherer Rolf Harris might say - can you guess who it is yet?

Tuesday 25 May 2010

Episode 6. Michelle Speaks....

Greetings good gentlefolk of gungeon.... Tis I the Omnipresent from Kernowshire bringing you tidings from

So... You may have seen that Episode 6, starring Michelle and Annabelle, there was a fair amount of revenge in return for the sheer amount of arse kicking in Episode 2, when these pair went head to head, and Annabelle was on the end of it! Revenge was a dish served sticky as Michelle foud out to her cost. We spoke to her afterwards about the ordeal...

When I arrived at the shoot with the guys from Messy Mahem Annabelle and I both got ready. As soon as we sat down to start the shoot I had a feeling it was going to be pay back time for me. (Ed. For those blissfully unaware, she was owed it!)

The first game I have to answer questions with the obvious answer beginning with L but my answer wasnt allowed to beginwith L. I didnt think I did to badly with the answers but I still got totally gunged

The second part of the shoot we played a game called Judge Jon where Annabella and I both had to put a plea to Jon as to why we should get gunged. I tried to blag it saying I shouldnt get gunged because I had big boobs and tried my hardest to wriggle out of it but at the end of the game Jon decided I it should be me that got gunged - surprise surprise. (Ed. Well, I'm only human, I'm not made of wood!)

The last game we played Paper, Scissors and Stone and yet again I lost.

The shoot as alway was fun and it was great to work with Annabelle. I left the shoot with a full tummy and feeling a bit sick coz I couldnt stop licking the Custard and Angel Delight.

Just as I was leaving I did manage to get my own back on Jon though. As he was cleanning up I covered him with gunge.
(Ed. twas only a smidge, and it has been noted - revenge will be sweet. mwuahahhah)

SO that's the Episode 6, Ep7 is on its way with Loopy Louisa, and Sultry Sapphire , it should be a cracker, but as all good newsreaders (and the ones on BBC3 and Sky News) say - there will be more on that later, as we get it....

Til then.... keep em peeled

Sunday 25 April 2010

Courting with a gunging

as Episode 6 moves into the Courtroom for Part 2.

Judge Jon decides who should face punishment in our legal drama with Annabelle and Michelle - basically the court of Benson Phillips couldnt get justice, so both were brought before me.

One of the funnier videos we've done.

Look out for references to sloppy dog kisses, and also boredom and poor arguments! And poor justice really....and conversations about the quality of the Scouse one's coffee making!

Coming very soon....

Saturday 10 April 2010

Who needs chocolate....

... when you shoot more cracking and eggciting stuff over Easter for Messymayhem. okay, I'll step away from the puns....

4 days. 9 girls. Loads of custard. Angel delight by the shedload. Enough Gunge to refloat the Titanic, all at our top secret lair by the Mersey!

Thursday 1st April.....

So from my Cornish HQ, I set off allowing plenty of time for the motorways. Stopping off for vital supplies (creme eggs, chocolate, pasties and Rattler Cyder, which youy simply have to taste, the lynch mob are chasing me over the Tamar to prevent it going over the Border into England too far) I arrive at the Socuse gits some 8 hours later, thanks the M6 from Birmingham to Chester being totally shite, and full of people who think its good to carve people up.

So muggins is thoroughly exhausted and drained, and then we have to set up the studio. After it's all done, I retire to my quarters and proceed to set up our Twitter feed ( for the unbeknown) and took and uploaded of the setup.... then it was Z time, ready and awaiting the onslaught ahead.

Friday 2nd April

After a quick shower and the rest, we decide to stock up on the necessaries, which included me buying my Euromiliions ticket for the Lotto, whilst bob was scanning thru 36 cartons of custard in Asda. A quick setup and lo - it was time to go! First to arrive was the lovely Sapphire, a lass living in Sheffield, but from Nottinghamshire. Sapphire has been on the top Sky football show - Soccer AM in the "Soccerette" feature as a Sheffield Wednesday fan - and she has more than a passing resmebelence to Sheridan Smith (famous for being in Two Pints, and more recently Gavin and Stacey and Jonathan Creek). Joining Sapphire was Louisa, who had worked with Bob in a more vanilla sense. Equally as nuts.....

Saturday 3rd April

As i returned to Chez bob after a night's sleep, I saw a bedraggled Scouse one, a model dropped out at 7:15 am and well, left us with a panic. Names were scoured and along with our mystery guest, we hunted high and low for a suitable last minute replacement.... step forward Annabelle from Episode 2 and Episode 6. More on that in a minute

Sunday saw a new favourite.... Demi Scott, who literally thru herself into the shoot and Nicole, who along with her sis as a chaperone, didn't know what hit her!

Monday, and what ever energy we had left was left for gothy/emo Kayleigh, and bubbly swedish blonde Chivone...

So understandably, we have been v busy!

So back to our Saviour, Annabelle, and those with a memory will remember her and Michelle having a rather brutual conclusion. Not happy with this, Annabelle got in touch and requested a favour - a favour that could only mean one thing. Revenge.

Episode 6 Part 1, sees Michelle take on Annabelle in a spot of BensonPhillips Lovin' GYOB Style!

Now for those who cant remember with the big boobed Michelle looks like.....

... she looks like that....

Coming very very soon to a wam based portal near u.....


Saturday 27 March 2010

Karen - a messymayhem legend...!

Yet another musing from me the pastychomping legend.

Now, I'm sure you are all aware of the lovely Karen, who adorns our wonderiforius site, and has become a bit of a star in the short inception of the site....

But did you know.....

....she's a demon with a wheel brace.

Following our first shoot at Karen's house, the Cornish one already running late and stressed and loss, found the estate where she lived, and didn't see a kerb, pop goes the tyre, brand new aswell, and Jonny's a bit glum! Anyways after getting covered in gunge, cleaning up the house, cleaning herself up, the Brum Bombshell then comes to help a struggling pastychomper with a travel jack and dodgy socket set, tells me to move aside and changes the wheel. Certainly not afraid to get her hands dirty, but then she isn't fussed about getting all of her body dirty either!

... she genuinely wanted to get gunged

hence her up for it, bring it on attitude that we love! I bumped into her at a recent non-messy thing, she was draped over some racing cars, and well, she didn't stop chatting about how she loved the pink gunge that she received!

....she's paranoid

Convinced that our timings were wrong in Episode 1 Part 1 and that we rigged the competition to gunge her, what didn't help is letting her play the BRQ with Lorna.... I think you can guess the rest!

She is most definately our first star of Messymayhem and she remains incredibly popular with our viewers - and she's back in Episode 5 Part 3, coming very soon!

And we are now on Twitter - keep up to date with our updates, exclusives and new releases only at Add as a friend!

Right, deep breath as over Easter we are busy busy busy....Oh you might want to pay attention to the above....

Something, something, later peeps
Something, something, the Cornish One

Sunday 14 March 2010

Decisions, decisions

Non descript time greetings and salutations to you all.... I'm bringing you glad tidings of the latest installment of Episode 5 with the glamourous assistant from Part 1, Lorna, and fresh from being fixed, Karen, who still wanted another wish to be granted by Jon. She wanted a chance to rectify a wrong from the first ever episode, when she failed Don't Laugh Or You Will Lose (albeit controversially due to me not starting the stopwatch!).

So, simply we gave her the choice to play again, and to choose whether to play the game as the straight faced reciepent or as the chief interrogator!

Hmmmm decisions decisions!

Fortunately for Karen, she had decided to play with the lovely Lorna, who took up the challenge

Unfortunately for Lorna, the experience of Karen playing this game stood her in good stead!

It's coming up later this week to play, you'll love it as Lorna is a real trooper!

Just to remind our avid viewers that both Episode 1 and Episode 2 are now up on our UMD Download Store Here

and.... the Excellent Episode 3 starring Beki and Keeleigh, and Episode 4 starring Michelle Monroe and Rach is still available to download Here

Saturday 23 January 2010

Bloggity blog blog.....

Tis I Cornish one, fresh from my service to the hostelery and publician community by making sure their alcohol doesn't go off. Cheers Scouse Git, no hangovers despite a guiness/real ale/apple sours combo.....

Anyhow, onto matters non alcoholic and rumour has it that a unfeasibly large amount of powder is heading to the Wirral, and for once its not from Colombia! (If HM Customs are reading this - this is Natrasol, oh and look behind you, there's a whole bunch of ayslum seekers in the lorry)
Our mega shoot planned for Easter should see some faces new, and faces you might just recognize.... but one thing that is certain is, lots of girls, lots of gunge and plenty of material coming up soon.

So to the present day!

Our latest update stars the ever popular Michelle Monroe is one of the protagonists of Episode 4, and after gunging Rach in the previous 2 parts, she came a cropper when faced with the words penultimate and frog!

We'll definately be working with her again, she's a bit of a legend, and a bit feisty too, as viewers to the Wam Princess Thread on UMD will vouch!

Coming up next on el messinomayhemo is our first foray into a realistic piece portraying the dreams of model in her formative years, and her wishes come true, some years later. Other clues include a bad impression, and an overuse of polyester tracksuits....

How's about that then....

Laterz fornicators!

Saturday 9 January 2010

New year... new look, same old goo!

Happy new year!

Welcome to 2010, and now 2010 reasons why you'll like our next video, Keeleigh and Beki playing our new finale... Xtreme Rock Paper Scissors....

Over 20 minutes in this epic game!

So picture the end of the shoot, Keeleigh in the shower, looking fab, the Scouse one running around with towels and the like, and I start the de-rig, the cameras stopped rolling, and I'd popped to do something, expecting Beki to be out of the pool awaiting her rub down before the shower, but there she is, reluctant to get out because she was having so much fun! So in the photoset you see a few extra bits and bobs

We are still working away for your pleasure despite the snow and ice (which the Scouse one has falled on twice this week) in the uk at the minute, bloody minus 20, good job we're not shooting, custard to frozen desert.....

You may have noticed our front page has had a bit of a tart up, and its starting to look something a bit like it, we hope you like it briefly before you hit the good stuff! Also thanks to some maintenance work done on the site we no longer show up in searches for law firms thanks to google for giving us the main keyword of, legal....

So unless you are a lawyer, we'd like to ask you the fans for you input.... remember the email is on the contact us page or email