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Saturday 23 January 2010

Bloggity blog blog.....

Tis I Cornish one, fresh from my service to the hostelery and publician community by making sure their alcohol doesn't go off. Cheers Scouse Git, no hangovers despite a guiness/real ale/apple sours combo.....

Anyhow, onto matters non alcoholic and rumour has it that a unfeasibly large amount of powder is heading to the Wirral, and for once its not from Colombia! (If HM Customs are reading this - this is Natrasol, oh and look behind you, there's a whole bunch of ayslum seekers in the lorry)
Our mega shoot planned for Easter should see some faces new, and faces you might just recognize.... but one thing that is certain is, lots of girls, lots of gunge and plenty of material coming up soon.

So to the present day!

Our latest update stars the ever popular Michelle Monroe is one of the protagonists of Episode 4, and after gunging Rach in the previous 2 parts, she came a cropper when faced with the words penultimate and frog!

We'll definately be working with her again, she's a bit of a legend, and a bit feisty too, as viewers to the Wam Princess Thread on UMD will vouch!

Coming up next on el messinomayhemo is our first foray into a realistic piece portraying the dreams of model in her formative years, and her wishes come true, some years later. Other clues include a bad impression, and an overuse of polyester tracksuits....

How's about that then....

Laterz fornicators!

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