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Saturday 21 June 2014

The All New Messymayhem Towers

Messymayhem has a new exciting playground in which to film our gunge filled madness. The story of this starts quite a few months back when I got the sad news that Dave of was not going to renew the lease on his studio. Fans of Messymayhem will know that Dave kindly let me go and use their studio complete with gunge tank for two days last year and we filmed some great stuff. I was hoping to repeat the experience this Summer but this sadly was not to be. So I had a crazy idea (it can be dangerous when I have these!)…. I contacted my good friend Candy Custard. I asked her “How do you fancy a gunge tank for your WAM pad which you can use for sessions and in return I get to film there when I need to?” To say she jumped at the chance would be an understatement! She put me in touch with Mark, a wammer who had rather more DIY experience than myself and we met up at the WAM pad a few months ago and began working out a design. I think we spent something like 4 hours in B&Q that day looking at various this for the tanks construction and I’m sure by the end of the day the sta
ff were getting worried! We came away with all sorts of construction materials and that evening got to work on making the basic frame. I came home the next day and ordered other bits Mark would need for the tanks construction. Over the following month or so Mark worked away constructing the tank with Candy cracking the whip a bit and what he built I have to say was pretty spectacular! I began to start sorting out shoots and then as soon as I knew the tank was working (Candy’s test video) confirmed with all the models and things were set in motion for the first shoots at our new home….

Here is a photo of Mark’s handy work.

It wouldn’t be Messymayhem if things didn’t go a bit wrong though. Annabelle who was due to host got told by her day job that she had to work the weekend two weeks before the shoot. To say she was gutted was an understatement! Fortunately I found that Patience (star of Episode 55) who lives pretty close to Candy’s WAM pad. I asked if she’d mind guest hosting and she jumped at chance. Then on Friday with Mark due to pick me and my lighting and gear up that evening a model cancelled for the Sat! By some kind of miracle managed to sort a model at short notice whilst in work without being caught! I travelled down with Mark and unpacked, had a beer with Candy and Henry Wilcox who were going to help out on the shoot, Candy appointing herself chief caterer. Then we got to bed only to be woken up at 5am by the mad woman DJ next door blasting trace through the wall at 5am for half an hour!

Sat morning was a terrible rush we had to go into town and pick up all sorts we needed, then back to the house and move all the stuff out of the shooting area. Then picked up Patience in town and got lost in the process. We then had to pick models up from station. The result was we didn't mix the gunge till late and we needed loads, fortunately Candy and Henry came to rescue and became our gunge production team as well as our caterers! We still lost half hour from the shoot though. The models shooting with us were all new to WAM. Jen, a shapely olive skinned brunette from the North East was the girl I booked only the day before and she was great. Gemma with very pale skin and massive boobs had been wanting to shoot with us for a while and we had a score to settle over her really bad jokes she kept posting on Twitter. Finally Harley a gorgeous curvy girl with red hair was particularly popular with the crew. She's a bit blonde (even though she has red hair) and kept coming out with ridiculous innuendos and not even realising. She's also very funny and cheeky and splatted gunge in my face. Candy and Henry did a barbecue which was nice as the models had something to do whilst we did all the cleaning between videos. Though god knows what the neighbours made of the bikini clad models in the garden! Mark bless him worked just as hard as I did. We got some good stuff but made loads of mistakes and had some problems with the tank too which cost us time. We then did 3 vidoes with Patience and she was great but it ended up being a very late finish! I didn't finish cleaning up till about 9.30. I then went in the shower. Mark and I sat down just after 10 had a quick chat then both collapsed into bed, only to be woken at 11.30 by the roar caused by an England goal in a World Cup match and then all the dogs in the neighbourhood started barking!

Here are a load of photos from the first days shooting taken by myself, Henry and Patience.

Sunday went a hell of a lot smoother, we had more time to get ready, gunge was pretty much done when the models arrived and we learnt from all the mistakes we made the previous day. The videos were better and we got more done. The girls were all good and really got into it, Patience hosted again. Blonde Tegan was a bit nervous but as soon as she was gunged she relaxed and really enjoyed herself. Brook now sporting pink hair was back for her third Messymayhem shoot was as usual really cheeky, loud and hilarious. At one point shouting "I'm only doing this as they have stolen my teddy" That prompted Patience to make all sorts of filthy jokes about what Brook did with the teddy. Highlight for me though was stunning brunette Birdy who came all the way down from Glasgow with her other half the night before and stayed in a Travelodge which she paid for she was so keen to do the shoot! Her accent was amazing and she had a whale of a time. She did end up grabbing me for a gungey hug but being hugged by a topless Birdy ain't exactly a chore! We finished at a much more reasonable time and had a fantastic fun and productive day.

Here are photos from the second day from myself Henry and Patience’s cameras.

There was a final days shooting on the Monday that was a bit hastily arranged. Candy, Patience and Henry were unavailable for this one. Shooting with us was tall shapely blonde Hannah from Episode 60. She really doesn’t enjoy being gunged but still takes it incredibly well! There was also someone very very special who I had wanted to work with for ages but their identity will be kept secret for now and they were amazing. All I’ll say is it was a brilliant shoot and we got some excellent videos. Sadly I didn’t get any photos of this one but it’s going to be worth the wait for.

On Tuesday very weary I made my way home but it had been an incredible weekend, 23 videos shot, 9 girls, 400 litres of gunge used and a hell of a lot of fun. I must thank firstly the models, Harley, Jen, Gemma, Brook, Birdy, Tegan and Hannah. Patience for being an absolute trooper working so hard without complaining and generally being great. Candy and Henry for all their hard work on the catering, entertaining and gunge mixing side of things and for Candy making it all possible in the first place. To our special mystery guest who was just awesome. Honourable mentions go to Nasty Gunge and Ian from EC Gunge who in their own ways contributed to videos.Finally and most thanks of all to Mark for not only building a brilliant tank but working just as hard as me all weekend for no pay whatsoever. Couldn’t have done it without him. Hope you’ve enjoyed this blog and keep your eyes peeled for the videos coming from the new Messymayhem towers. This is just the beginning we’ll be back there later in the year and hopefully it will be just as good!