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Thursday 27 January 2011

Episode 13. Revealed.

so.... did you guess right?

Yes its star of Splosh and Mike Nomic's mud videos, the gorgeous red haired beauty EDEN!

Eden Tease from messymayhem on Vimeo.

She takes to the buckets with our great friend Karen, probably the most gunked girl on our site, the first, the cheekiest, the most paranoid

So, I hear you cry, what delights do we have for these pair? Well, we couldn't think of an awesome game, so we got Bob to get on his PC and trawl through random facts and get them to pull a piece of paper in the quest for the winners ticket, which grants immmunity from the gunge!

It also has a great outtake with regard to why the dib dab is the macdaddy.... Yours to download at now!

Sunday 23 January 2011

Clue 3, The mystery saga, final clue!

Tis the final clue....

Clue 3.
A Landmark in the South of England shares similarities with this model, and it isnt just two domes covered in plastic! Some of you are getting very very close!

Can you tell who it is yet? Come back tomorrow and all will be revealed!

Mystery Guest... Clue 2....

And now for the second clue, MM fans...

Clue 2. Adopt Lloyd Grosman tones "who would have an arse like this?"

Clue 3 follows on the morrow!

Who is the mystery guest for the 13th Episode


These are the clues to the star of Episode 13. A well known face to those joins Messymayhem fave Karen in the paddling pool of doom

Clue 1....

"There's nothing like a sherbet dib dab first thing in the morning"

Clue 2....tomorrow come again!