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Saturday, 29 October 2011

A blog from Bob.....

A while back Cornish let me know that he wouldn’t be able to make it for our October shoots. This presented two problems....we use his video camera for the main shots you see on Messymayhem and my own camera wasn’t going to be up to the job on its own. The other one being, who was going to host, help mix the gunge, laugh at my jokes and generally be the other pair of hands that is required on a shoot. Now problem one was easily rectified with a trip to the shops and the purchase of a new video camera. Problem two however, I needed someone who knew how our shoots worked, could talk on camera and who could put up my sense of humour. Now as some of you will know when models have let us down in the past one lady has come to the rescue nearly everytime, so much so we call her “our emergency model”. She is a living legend not only is she gorgeous and reliable she can also put up with both me and Cornish! What have I got to lose I thought.......and text Annabelle “How do you fancy hosting Messymayhem for a couple of shoots in October?” shortly after I got the reply “Yeah, why not!?”. With “emergency model”  set  to become “the emergency host” I was sorted. The shoots were go go go......

Cut to Sat evening, the night before the first shoot and I am huffing, puffing, coughing and swearing. Annabelle was unable to come and help with the setup due to a family emergency so I was left on my own trying to rearrange the furniture to get the studio set up though she assured me she would be here next day bright and early. One major problem I couldn’t remember where I usually put the telly so it’s out of the way. I knew Cornish would have known, after much swearing 5 attempts I managed to find the convenient nook where we usually put it and started to get the tarp down. Slowly but surely and a roll of gaffa tape later the set started to take shape. Exhausted I collapsed into bed and set my alarm...

Next morning I was up bright and early nursing a coffee to wake me up and set to work cutting up bin bags with which to finish the set. Annabelle arrived demanding tea and toast to compensate for a lack of sleep. Once consumed she got to work on mixing the gunge which she enjoyed doing immensely.
The shoot was set to be interesting and I think I am right in saying this is a first for a WAM site but I could be wrong. We were set to shoot with a married couple – both of them female! I’m sure some of you remember Lorna from Episode 5 (if not check out ) well she is married to a lovely girl called Bella and she was very keen to bring Bella along and show her what she does on her shoots. That is exactly what happened. A rather excited Lorna and a slightly apprehensive Bella turned up and we got started. Annabelle did well with the hosting role, talking less than Jon does (but who could talk more!?) – she actually confessed to me that she was more nervous about doing the hosting than she is about being gunged. I won’t detail too much about what went on in the games, I’ll save that surprise for when we release the videos. I’ll just let the pictures do the talking.

When the girls arrived they looked something like this.

Later on they looked something like this.

All the while I was snapping photos with a spare stills camera and Annabelle was rushing off every 5 mins like a woman possessed keeping our followers on twitter upto date with goings on. One rather good idea I had was to use some charity bags for binbag dresses. Now this might not seem very ethical, however I had put these bags out to be collected and the charity had just not bothered so I was actually saving them going to waste! Here’s a couple of pics from the twitter feed of Lorna and Bella modelling them.

Now as good as she was at the hosting after the shoot I discovered Annabelle’s real talent. When it comes to gunge clean up she is a one woman army! The cleanup was done in record time considering there was only two of us. With one shoot down Annabelle headed home and Messy JoJo came over to have pizza and help me do the tarping for the next days shoot.

Next morning due to some hiccups with trains everything didn’t quite go to plan but in the end everyone got here. Annabelle was again hosting and modelling we had Eden (not our red haired friend from Splosh fame but the ebony babe who you may know from her work with Miss T and Gooeygirls) and Lolly (who had actually got in touch with me asking to be gunged because it looked fun!). Eden was cool and relaxed, she’d seen it all before – although I did discover she didn’t know the rules to Rock, Paper, Scissors which she was rather embarrassed by. We also discovered she has the perfect laugh for WAM – it’s very, very dirty. Lolly was very excited but nervous – she soon got over that though. Again I won’t detail exactly what went on but Eden was very evil to Lolly, she didn’t however reckon on Lolly learning from example and giving back as good as she got. When they arrived the two of them looked something like this.

Later on they looked something like this.

After a clean up I was left (knackered) to reflect on two very good shoots. Although I’m sure Cornish will return Annabelle did comment that she had enjoyed hosting and Cornish had better watch his job as she was clearly better than him. Could be interesting next time they meet and I’m making sure I’m staying out the firing line!

Keep your eyes open for the videos from these shoots which should hit the download store next year. That’s all for now, I have to go and edit Episode 20 Part 2, thanks for reading.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Episode's Eden and Karen- Battlesplatting!

Ahoy me hearties, Cornish here. Scouse and Annabelle will be blogging later in the week with sneaky peakies from the latest shoot which occured last weekend.

Whilst I was unable to come and play with Lolly, Eden (from the Kowalski/Gooeygirl stable), Lorna and Bella, and had more tedium to deal with in the normo life.

So, who stars in Episode 20.... well it's the original Eden, starring alongside Messymayhem's Most Gunged, Karen......

in a game called Battlesplats, which is a bit like Battleships......

Karen didn't do that well...but was she bothered....

Coming very soon!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Now we are 2.

Greetings Messymayhem'ers

Tis' the Cornish one bringing glad tidings... it's our second birthday...

Apologies for the lack of blogs....I've been busy on the day job and moonlighting on the hobby side too, helping out with those mighty fine people of Topgunge

However, as we celebrate our birthday with one of our funniest and sexiest vids yet starring top wam stars Shay Hendrix and Jess West, in Episode 19 Part 3 - lovingly monikered In Your Pants! A linguistic game, which failure brings gunge - in your pants!
Jess might need bigger pants!

So some birthday stats!

  • 54 Videos
  • 23 Girls
  • Nearly 300 buckets of gunge
  • 250 pies
  • 300 cartons of custard
  • 50 cans of shaving foam
  • a numerous motorway miles for Cornish
  • Miles of dust sheet
  • 300 bin bags
  • and a shed load of fun

But whats been mine and Scouse's Top 3 vids????

Scouse's choices

EPISODE 3.1 Beki and Keeleigh play "Don't Laugh"

"Purely for Beki's chicken impression - it had us in stitches ourselves, no wonder Keeleigh copped it!"

Keeleigh realised Beki's foul impression was clucking good.

 EPISODE 13.4 Eden and Karen play "Triggerwords"

"For the face on Cornish when he realised Eden had been fibbing the whole time and Karen was right that she had seen the word"

Ice Cream was Eden's downfall, she cheated and still lost!

EPISODE 16.2 Messy Jessie and Messy Lauren play "Sticky or Twist"

"Simply for the epic gunge battle between Jessie and Lauren, which neither of us saw coming!"
A calm Jessie, ...yeh right 

So my choices....hmmmm, what better to muse on!

EPISODE 10.1 Demi and Nicole play "Don't Laugh"

So there I was, with Scouse hoping for a nice pleasant shoot - but bedlam enveloped! Truly truly mad is Demi....
The victor deary me!

EPISODE 8.2 Messy Jessie and Annabelle play "The Bomb Quiz"

When Messy Jessie said yessie to playing with us, we were more than delighted. It was also the first time the wam world sore the lovely blonde's beautiful boobies! What wasn't there to like. It was also a start a beautiful relationship between us guys and her- however I owe her one for gunging me at the Moomin Messy party!

EPISODE 13.2 Eden and Karen play "The Bomb Quiz"

Take our favourite Brummie and all round Messymayhem legend Karen and add the lovely Eden of Splosh and Mike Nomic's Mud Shoots fame. We make them play the bomb quiz, with Karen proclaiming that she's thick! And then a unlikely conclusion...
"I'm not gonna lie to you, I'm a little sore!"
So, there 2years done... whats coming up in year 3. Loads of new girls, loads of gunge, loads of silly here's to another 2 eh!