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Sunday 24 December 2023

Inflateable Bondage Chair Experiment up on UMD Store an Xmas Sale

2023 hasn't been the best year for me personally and as a result Messymayhem has taken a bit of a backseat. Sorry for the lack of updates and thanks to everyone who has continued to support the site. Hopefully 2024 will be better not just for me but for everyone.

The Inflateable Bondage Chair Experiment with the gorgeous Willow Love naked, strapped in and gunged using the tank mechanism is now up on UMD Store in both video and photoset form.

Also from now till New Years Day it will be buy 2 get one free on the UMD Store and on the main download store we have a ratcheting discount system operating. For every additional video or photoset you buy you get an additional 5% discount up to a maximum of 35%. Basically the more you buy the more you save. Here's a break down below:
1 video or photoset = no discount
2 videos or photosets = 5% discount
3 videos or photosets = 10% discount
4 videos or photosets = 15% discount
5 videos or photosets = 20% discount
6 videos or photosets = 25% discount
7 videos or photosets = 30% discount
8 videos or photosets or more = 35% discount


Friday 8 December 2023

Play your cards right with Miss Nairobii and Jade

We are joined by Miss Nairobii and Jade for a game of play your cards right. It’s Episode 160 Part 3 up now on the download store


Saturday 2 December 2023

Finally a new video, Jen and Jade Don't Laugh or You'll Lose

Sorry for being AWOL for a long time again and thanks for the continued support whilst updates haven’t been materialising. All I’ll say is I hope next year is better than this one! Anyhow talking of updates….

We are joined by Jen and Jade for a game of Don’t Laugh or You’ll lose with the loser ending up naked and in the gunge tank. It’s Episode 160 Part 2 up now on the download store 

Saturday 5 August 2023

Miss Nairobii, Jen and Jade in the court room of Judge Lottie

Gorgeous Geordie brunette babe Jen is joined by two gunge virgins, the stunning black beauty that is Miss Nairobii and curvy cutie Jade. They are all before Judge Lottii to plead their case of why they shouldn’t be gunged. One of them will be sentenced to strip naked and take a seat in the gunge tank. It’s Episode 160 Part 1 up now on the download store

Saturday 27 May 2023

Mandy, Miss Abigail and a game called BRQ

We are joined by the gorgeous mad Mandy and the sublime Miss Abigail for a game called BRQ? What does that mean? It means one of them will be getting naked and gunged. It’s Episode 159 Part 3 up now on the download store