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Wednesday 10 August 2011

Our final part of Episode 18, where we say farewell to Chivone and Kayleigh but we couldn't let em go home nice and clean now could we....Why do I feel like the spirit of the Benson-Phillips has overcome me in a most pleasant way!

So Chivone, the maddest person to come out of Sweden, since Sven decided to take Emile Heskey to the World Cup, took on Kayleigh, with added boyfriend encouragement.

With loads of custard and angel delight to use up, this was always going to be a sickly sweet vid. And what better way to fairly distrubute the creamy goodness than a good old fashioned game of XRPS!
Can you say that again love, I'm a trifle deaf?
Does chesty Chivone triumph with her paper? Will Kayleigh take the advice of her boyfriend again? Will her boyfriend ever get any love again??? There's only one way to find out...... fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight! Now it seems Harry Hill has taken over.
Friends again in probably our most mingingest end gunge pool!
Available now in the Messymayhem store --- just click the new episode button! Right I'm off to exorcise the demons of childrens'/light entertainment from me, where's Derek Acorah??

Monday 1 August 2011

July Shoot : Madness and Grinning

Greetings brethern of the Messy persuasion.....

Cornish here with another roundup of the hi jinx we've been involved in.


Following my invite to the Moomin Summer Messy Barbeque, I found myself setting out early on Friday heading towards the infamous Moomin Towers. A familar face to viewers of messymayhem, our all round chief cheerleader, part time model and go to skiv Cuddly Jo Jo was there, along with Lori from Louisiana (via Southampton) ready to assist with their new site, which is BBW and messy based...

After much yapping (mostly from Jo, who as always didn't shut up!), I fired up the Quarttro, and headed on my merry way up the M5/M6 Combo, slightly later than planned. Thanks to famed Radio 2 traffic reporter, Sally Traffic, for the umpteenth shoot in a row, my journey became an epic as the M5 joined in the fun aswell, as the cortege-esque M6 from Brum to Thelwall! Rolling in to Chez Scouse at 9pm (I started at 8 am) thoroughly knackered,. Fortunately I had forewarned Bob who got on with it, and when I entered the hallowed turf, he had done most of the set up, leaving only a few odds and sods. We were concerned about Pool v2.0 that I had purchased. We then bought another, but it was flimsier than a Rich Tea biscuit in a brew. After buying enough local ales to sink a battleship, we decided to blow up the original replacement and it was both fine in size and in rigidity. Result. So all tarped up and ready to go then.


Saturday came along. Following the traditonal Cornish wake me up of Sausage Egg McMuffin and the "Depth Charge", which is half pint of blackcurrant cordial, topped with orange juice and a splash of energy drink on top. Sounds revolting, but actually it is lush. I needed it preparation for the arrival of Messymayhem's first ever victim, Karen, who as we know, isn't the complete shilling. So when we put her together with uber nutter Demi Scott (see episodes 10 and 17), we thought that newbie Brook would be a lamb to the slaughter....Mayhem started from the very start within 3 seconds of the film rolling, Demi had already attacked Karen, and the gunge flew everywhere!
A certain Brummie's bumprint!
Brook told us that we thought she was going to be quiet. She told us how wrong she was - she was more than a worthy adversary for fellow Brummie Karen and Yorkshire nutter Demi. The shock was Demi was the first to fall, the high octane nature made it easily spent!
Sweetness and light - however look at the wall!
After an epic clean up and pizza, that was that!


After setting up the pool for the next shoot, gunge was mixed and cold pizza for brekkie, we awaited friends Paris and Rose. Now Rose had responded to the Scouse One's casting call on a model website.

"Well to put it bluntly this has to be one of the best castings I've seen in a while!
I'm getting pretty damn bored of every guy with a camera offering time for peanuts just to see a girls boobs! - now getting paid to get messy is much more my idea of fun!

Personally sploshing is something I  LOVE the idea of.. though never really had the chance to practice... either my parents or his coming home to a paddling pool full of custard and a bath full of now cold baked-beans could prove pretty hard to explain ;) plus I then have the added trouble of actually getting my partner to participate! *sigh* its such a hard life ;)
Haha, to be honest I've looked at the website and it looks like a whole load of fun! I have also worked with another model recently and I'm sure after a bit of persuading I could get her in on the act too.. though don't hold me too it - I may just scare her off :P

Have a look at my portfolio if you like though cant promise there will be any pictures of me with a pie to the face or covered in gunge but its up to you to decide if I'd fit the bill :D

Would be great to hear from you :) oh & I do travel (drive) I don't expect you to send me your chauffeur this time.. maybe next time though :P"

With a response like that we simply had to, oh and that model she worked with did too. That was Paris. Following the first video, it was apparent that Rose simply loved it, with the most infectious giggle and a grin as big as the Mersey Tunnel. Paris loved it too, with both of them getting rather mucky and not giving a fuck-y!

A Rose by any other name wouldn't grin as much!

"OMG I have purple hair, I love it!"
However when playing with gunge and handcuffs, a note from a now wiser Scouse one. If you intend to use such restraint devices, remember where the chuffing keys are! Poor Rose was worried about driving back to Derbyshire with her right foot still clamped!

So following final games, Paris popped up to the shower and that left Rose in the pool, where she stayed playing about for about half an hour, writhing about in the goo!

A truly brillant shoot, with 2 brillant models and it goes up there at the top. I made a quick get away, the Scouse one bribed Paris and Rose to help clean with the promise of a meal. However for moi, it was a quick juant down the M6 to see the present Mrs Cornish, who had her birthday at the time, and well, her present was, errr, slightly, errr, messy!

All these vids will be coming soon, along with the next parts of Episode 18 - thanks!