MessyMayhem Mission Statement

Purveyor of videos and photos of messy girls, wet and messy fun and slimy silliness featuring gallons of gunge.

Thursday 25 September 2014

I Spy Pie With My Little Eye

We welcome back the gorgeous brunette Tina who is just a bit bonkers and fit blonde, the very popular Hannah. Hannah is going to try her hand at our brand new game “I Spy Pie With My Little Eye”. Kiki is on hand as guest host to try and keep things in some kind of order in Episode 66 Part 1 which is now up on the download store 

Sunday 21 September 2014

Recent Goings on with the Gunge Tank

The last month has been pretty busy at the new Messymayhem towers. We’ve done two shoots on different weekends with a mixture of old and new faces and Dunk Tank Dave has been rushed off his feet to keep the gunge flowing to us (and then onto the girls). Here’s a quick run down of goings on.

Amber and I have become good friends since the first shoot she did a couple of years back with Kiki and we’ve done many non-messy shoots together. She’s often asked me how the site was going and said she’d like to come back. However she is an incredibly busy person and every time I have suggested a date she has already had something on. So when I found out she had a free weekend at the end of August I jumped at the chance to get her to come and have a seat in the gunge tank. I booked another model to work with her but sadly she cancelled. However Messy Jessie came to the rescue and agreed to shoot with her. I also brought Jen from our first shoot with the gunge tank who I had been incredibly impressed with to do the hosting role but it seemed rude for her not to have a go in the tank too, which she did very willingly.
                The day before the shoot I had a horrendous morning in work and with great relief I walked out at half past twelve to head home, grab my gear and get on the train to our new base. I was picked up by Guest0 our gunge tank technician extraordinaire and we set about setting up. We discovered that one Candy Custard had used baked beans in the tank although I initially mistook these for dry roast peanuts which caused some confusion! We scrubbed off the beans and set the lights up before myself, Candy, Henry Wilcox and Guest0 headed to a local Indian for tea. After a nice meal it was time for an early night before the next day’s mayhem.
                Dare I say it but we were quite well organised the next morning, well for me anyway! We picked up the gorgeous Jen from the station and did two videos with her. We did have some slight hiccups in that Jessie was a bit late and that Amber knocked on the door of the wrong house (not sure what the neighbours made of a hot girl knocking on the door looking for a gunge tank!). However by and large the shoot went very well and we got some great videos. Something new that we tried on this shoot was that Henry borrowed my camera (and I won’t lend it to just anyone you know) and took some stills as we were filming. Candy did a sterling job of keeping everyone fed. We did what is probably a record length game of “In My Pants” with Jessie. Jen seemed to seriously enjoy being gunged especially if it was warm and Amber was her usual total extrovert self. This came across brilliantly not only on the video but also in Henry’s fantastic photos. After a lengthy clean up and a chippy dinner I went to bed a tired but happy Bob. Here are some of Henry’s brilliant photos to give you a taste of some of what went on that day.

Two weeks later I was on my way back for more Mayhem but my journey was not a stress free one! My journey was delayed by a faulty door on a train, then a car hitting a bridge and also failure of overhead wires. I also had the misfortune of finding myself travelling with some of the most irritating people I have ever encountered! Guest0 finally picked me up almost two hours later than planned and I was completely frazzled! This time it was cleaning up treacle and porridge from around the tank which fortunately didn’t take long then off to the Indian again. I hoped that the next day’s shooting would be worth the horrendous journey, I was not to be disappointed.
                Karen was on the very first Messymayhem shoot and remains today one of my favourite people. She’s been back so many times and it’s always a total joy. There is no denying it, this girl is bonkers and LOVES being gunged. I received a lot of e-mails from disappointed Karen fans after we conducted a poll on the UMD which saw people vote overwhelmingly to see her gunged once more. This was meant to happen at Easter when Karen did some guest hosting for a shoot. However due to terrible traffic on the M6 this wasn’t possible. I always said I would try and rectify this as soon as possible so it gives me great pleasure to say that a very excited Karen turned up bright and early for a go in the gunge tank. We shot a couple of videos with the gorgeous Karen who’s love of gunge had if anything grown, she literally couldn’t wait to take a seat in the tank. Then it was time to go and pick up our other model. Stunning black model Destiny was possibly almost as excited about the prospect of being gunged as Karen. I have never had a model tweet excitedly about shooting with us as her! Fortunately Destiny was not disappointed by her experience and absolutely loved being gunged, I have a feeling this will not be her last shoot with us. The shoot was fantastic, both girls were so up for it, bubbly and full of fun it was the perfect therapy after my bad journey the day before. Again I went home a very happy man.

Karen’s belated vote result video will be up on the site soon and the other videos will start going up next year at some point. It just remains for me to say thank you to all the wonderful models. Plus huge thanks to Guest0 for all his hard work, Candy Custard for feeding everyone and mixing gunge and Henry for taking some brilliant photos. Some more of which I now leave you with….