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Wednesday 28 August 2013

By popular request: Annabelle in the bondage chair!

Well many of you asked for it, even more voted for it and it’s finally here. Our gorgeous host Annabelle is presented with the results of the poll and the reasons why people think she should be gunged in the chair and can’t avoid the inevitable. It’s up now on the download store

Sunday 25 August 2013

Gunge, giggles, Annabelle in the bondage chair and a bit nasty clean up!

Last weekend Messymayhem Towers were once again open for business. Here’s a round up of what went on...

Proceedings almost started in disaster. I was starting to unpack the cupboard with all the messy mayhem gear in it. The pool, buckets, bondage chair etc all live in there. One of the light stands came flying out of the cupboard and narrowly missed my head! However with no harm done I took this as enthusiasm from the light stand to get cracking and that’s what I did. The rest of the prep went without incident.
                Next morning I got up and logged straight into the UMD, I wanted to check and announce the final results of the poll I had been running. It had been a good while since our lovely host Annabelle had been in front of the cameras for the site. Quite a few people had mentioned to me in the past couple of months they would like to see her getting gunged again. More specifically they wanted to see her strapped into our inflatable bondage chair and gunged! I had mentioned this to Annabelle in passing and she had just laughed it off and didn’t really believe me. I knew to make it happen I would have to prove to her that people did want to see it. So I created the poll a week before the shoots. 98 people had voted in favour of it happening and only 4 against. In addition one person had voted in favour by e-mail and another via twitter. With the exception of 4 of them these people were going to be made happy. Annabelle on the other had was not going to be happy! I announced the results and got to work doing the rest of the prep for the day.
                Annabelle arrived later that day and as is her usual custom set about making cheese on toast. I elected not to tell her about what we’d be doing later as I wanted to keep the element of surprise and also I was slightly scared as to what her reaction might be! Instead I set myself the task of getting the task of getting the lights and tripods up and Annabelle began the gunge mixology. She had a new type of gunge to get to grips with. Our usual supplier Dunk Tank Dave had supply problems prior to the shoot. I had a few packs left over from previous shoots but this wasn’t enough so Iain from EC Gunge, a great friend of the site had come to the rescue and sold me some of his supply. The difference being Iain’s gunge was uncoloured so I had to trek round Liverpool to find some washable kids poster paint. At first Annabelle was worried by this new batch as it didn’t seem to be going thick. However it soon thickened up and she decided it was actually better than the stuff we had from Dave. I should just point out though that I think Iain had originally got it from Dave anyway so technically it was all gunge from Dave one way or another!
                Soon my phone went I’d lost track of time and the models were waiting for me at the station. I put up my umbrella as it was chucking it down with rain and set off to meet them. They were Faye, a very pretty brunette hailing from Yorkshire and Reggie a larger than life busty chocolate skinned girl from Manchester sporting tattooed arms and shocking pink hair. Reggie was incredibly excited, she had been tweeting all week about how much she was looking forward to the shoot and how she always wanted to be gunged. Eventually we got started although it hard at times to get a word in edgeways with two very chatty models! Reggie nearly deafened me shrieking when she got an answer right in a quiz. It soon became apparent that Fay had excellent “geek knowledge” and that we shared a love of Doctor Who and we had some very fun geeky chat in between filming.
                When it came to being gunged Reggie love the feel and could be heard saying “it’s so sexual” but she wasn’t too fond of having it on her face and not being able to see. Seeing the gunge covering her ample boobs was quite a sight to see though! Faye on the other hand just seemed to love it generally and was like a giggly squealing school girl whilst being covered.
                It was a great fun shoot with few quiet moments. In fact at times without realising Reggie took over the hosting role from Annabelle. It had one of the most bizarre endings of any Messymayhem shoot though. Normally things finish up with both girls wrestling around or splashing gunge over each other. However for reasons best known to themselves Reggie and Faye decided to make their own spoof advert for an X-rated channel while lying in a pool of gunge. This was bizarre but funny nonetheless. The girls got cleaned up and I took them back to the station. As I left I asked Annabelle to make up four buckets of gunge. To my surprise she didn’t question what it was for and just got on with it. Little did she know it was for her...
                I returned from the station and went to collect the bondage chair from where I had thrown it in the garden after its pervious use. To my surprise the rain had been so heavy it had actually washed all the gunge off the chair. That was one less job to do. By now Annabelle was getting suspicious and asked what was going on, “We’re doing another video” I told her “Oh no” came the reply as the penny started to drop as to what the gunge she had just mixed was for. I didn’t tell her any more until the cameras were rolling. I then told her all about the poll and what people had requested and the reasons they had given me. I won’t divulge too much as I don’t want to spoil the forthcoming video which should be up later this week but I will say Annabelle got very messy indeed. She actually took it very well I even think she might have enjoyed it!
                It was then left to me to do all the cleanup which was only fair after the gunging she had just taken. A few hours later I flopped exhausted onto the sofa with my pizza which had just arrived. It had been a good fun day but there was more to come tomorrow. I should just appologise now to anyone who was trying to follow what was going on via twitter. The signal for Annabelle’s phone was very poor and we didn’t realise that most of the tweets we were sending weren’t actually going up. However I hope these pictures make up for it a bit.... 

The next day didn’t start particularly well. The dust sheet I used on the previous day was from Wilkinsons a large thick and hard wearing affair. The one I had to contend with on the second day was from Tescos it was small (I had to use 2 to cover the same area), thin (which made it unwieldy) and prone to ripping. In other words the tarping was a nightmare and took me twice as long as it should, I do not recommend Tesco’s for dustsheets! Then I got a text from Annabelle with more bad news, her bus hadn’t turned up and this meant she had to walk to the station which meant she missed her train and was going to be an hour late. Mixing the gunge was a very rushed affair when she did arrive and half way through my phone went. The models were at the station and I had to dash off and get them. I arrived out of breath and a bit stressed.
                Waiting for me couldn’t have been two more lovely girls. Patience was from the Midlands, a pale skinned and slightly gothic looking beauty. She was very chatty and had a great sense of fun. Tindra was a blonde bombshell from Iceland but working in London. She’d heard of the site through Jess West and wanted to give it a go. She has an amazing curvy figure only matched by her incredibly sexy accent and cute giggle.
                The shoot itself was brilliant both girls were really up for it and had a blast. There was no holding back either with giving out the gunge or receiving it. You could tell they were having an immense amount of fun. Tindra kept us amused in the breaks between shoots by reading out the jokes on Penguin biscuits (which are terrible) and then collapsing into giggles as though it was the funniest things she had ever heard. Also the spectacle of her singing “Greased Lighting” in Icelandic whilst jiggling her boobs during one of the videos was quality entertainment. While Patience appeared sweet, innocent and cute I discovered she had a cheeky and potentially dangerous streak, announcing she wanted to gunge me! I’m noticing a pattern in this regard. Nearly all the models who have wanted to see me covered in gunge have been from the midlands area. Karen, Brook and Messy Jessie being examples of midlands models who have have tried with varying degrees of success. Time absolutely flew  with Tindra and Patience and soon it was time to bid them fond farewell.
                Please enjoy a few photos from the shoot and twitter which was a bit more successful on the second day!

There was just one shoot left to do. Annabelle had expressed interest in doing custom videos, we had advertised and got some responses but only managed to get one booked in. This was for a umd user called “Nasty Gunge”. Now as you might gather he’s not into you average pies, gunge and custard that is normally delivered on Messymayhem. Earlier in the week I had a visit from Tesco home delivery bringing me all sorts of stuff to use on this shoot and in copious amounts. Items included brown sauce, ketchup, mayo, salad cream, thousand island dressing, curry sauce, korma cooking sauce, burger sauce, piccalilli, garlic sauce, cream cheese with garlic, potato salad, cottage cheese, coleslaw, potato and leek soup, mushroom soup, lentil soup, broccoli and stilton soup and probably other things I have forgotten. All of this was destined for poor Annabelle. Truth be told I’m not sure why she agreed to do it! I don’t often feel sorry for a girl that’s getting messy but I did then! The smell was quite overpowering I’m not sure how but she got through most of it laughing. You can tell though that we are both rather tired when filming this though as our humour is even more random than usual! This kind of mess is not my cup of tea but I’m sure when it goes up on the site all you fans of stinky mess will love it!
I have got to say the cleanup from this video has got to be the worst I have ever done. We finished the shoot at 6.30. At 11.30 I had only had a 20 min break and had to give in and go to bed. It took a further 4 hours ten next morning. I hosed off the pool in the back garden. I was most of the way to being clean when I found a large rip in the bottom of the pool. With a heavy heart I put the pool in the bin. We’d been through a lot together and it felt a bit like losing a friend. I then set about washing up the myriad of bottles, tins and jars and getting the house straight. I found that evening it was going to cost me around £70 to get a pool like that one as a replacement (I got it for £20 from Argos when they had an offer on!) I really needed one that big and I couldn't wait for them to be in season as I have Rachelle booked for October already. I woke up at 7.30am the following morning with an idea. I pulled the pool out of the bin, dumped it in the bath and emptied the bottles of shampoo and conditioner that the models had left all over the pool along with some fairy liquid and anti bac handwash and filled it with hot water and gave it a damn good scrub. I forgot to close the air inlets though and managed to fill it with water so then had to squeeze it out, I think it’s sort of equivalent of giving CPR. I dried it off and at least that had tackled the smell! I then inflated it and found it still goes up and holds air. I then used two puncture repair kits to fix the tear which wasn't as bad as I had first thought! Lo and behold the pool was resurrected! I don’t know in total how long the clean up took but it had nearly killed both me and the pool, sorry nasty fans but never again!
Ignoring the massive cleanup and near death of the pool by and large it had been another set of really fun shoots producing some excellent videos for the site. All it remains for me to do is thank the models, Faye, Reggie, Patience and Tindra. Also thanks to Dunk Tank Dave and Iain from EC Gunge for gunge provision and Nasty Gunge for financing the custom (though not for the clean up). Finally huge thanks to Annabelle for being brilliant and above all else a good sport. Keep your eyes on the site for the videos over the coming months and I hope you’ll enjoy them. Thanks for reading and be for now.