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Wednesday 8 August 2012

Brook’s How To: Pies with Messy Jessie

This is something a bit different from we’ve decided to move into the information film market with Brook presenting her “how to” on pies. Firstly Brook demonstrates making some pies in the kitchen and Valerie Singleton she most definitely is not! She then proceeds to demonstrate “smooching” of the pies upon her target the only too willing Messy Jessie. It's up now in the download store which can be found here

Monday 6 August 2012

A Weekend at Messy Mayhem Towers

A little belatedly thanks to a PC that decided to die and then Andy Murray & Laura Robson distracting me yesterday but here is a round up of events on our recent shoots at Messymayhem.

Friday night arrived, the weeks work in the dire day job done and I beetled off home to begin preparations. I started getting stuff out of the wardrobe but pretty soon it was time to go to the station and meet the first model arrival. Rachelle had travelled all the way down from Northumberland to do a shoot for the site. I’d agreed to let her stay the weekend so she could do a few more shoots in the area as well to make the trip worthwhile for her. I met her off the train and was greeted by a gorgeous, tiny blonde bombshell, with a gorgeous Geordie warble and a wicked sense of humour. We got on like a house on fire! After a quick tea and chat it was time to start the prep for the shoot. Rachelle looked at me like I had lost the plot when I told her it’s this end of the room was where we’ll be shooting” as at the time it was just a normal living room. As we moved the furniture she looked bemused, when the layers of tarp and started to come out and we chatted as we gaffer taped them down her eyes became steadily wider. She never once complained though and we worked like troopers chatting away as we did. When the pool was inflated and the background was up she got off to bed and I sat on the couch for half an hour cutting bin bags ready for the morning. Now for anyone who thinks being a WAM producer is glamorous I would just like to point out I had a stunning blonde staying with me and I was sat on the couch cutting up bin bags. Yes Friday nights at Messy Mayhem Towers are so Sex n’ Rock n’ Roll!

Saturday morning I was up early, coffee to kick start the system and then more tarping. Rachelle was still dead to the world in bed. How I don’t know because I must have been making a right din. I then got a text from Annabelle saying she was going to be late as she woke up late, which was then followed by another saying she was going to be even later as she had just got on the wrong train. She isn’t blonde for nothing people! (I’m going to pay for that I know. I took Rachelle to the station as she was off to do another shoot and on the way there met Annabelle who had just arrived so I swapped one gorgeous blonde assistant for another. Once back at MM towers Annabelle did herself cheese on toast (she knows her way around the kitchen so well now I just let her get on with it) and then set about gunge mixology of which now she is a zen mistress! In the meantime I was rigging the tripods and cameras. Annabelle took control of the twitter feed via her phone as my PC was in hospital. Then it was off to meet the models Danni a pretty brunette and Katie another gorgeous blonde. Both girls were a bit nervous as they’d never done WAM before. After a quick explanation we got underway, Danni in particular was rather nervous about getting gunged as you can see below. Neither were the most enthusiastic gungees we’ve had but I think they started to enjoy themselves towards the end with Katie remarking to me “I don’t like it being poured on me but it’s great fun to slide around in after”. Here’s some pics of what went on.

It was then time for the dreaded clean up and once showered the models got off followed by Annabelle when the lions share of the work had been done. Rachelle ended up coming back later than planned from her shoot and the other model for the next day Elizabeth text to say her plans had changed and she wouldn’t be staying over as originally planned but joining us in the morning. Rachelle and I sat on the couch drinking beer and eating pizza and then I began cutting up bin bags again – oh yes the rock and roll lifestyle continues! We both then fell into our respective beds – shattered!

Sunday morning again started with a coffee and gaffa taping and marvelling at how Rachelle slept through that and the blowing up of the inflatable bondage chair which was going to make a second appearance. Annabelle was late again, arrived, had her cheese on toast and then set about mixing her second batch of gunge of the weekend. I went to the station and met Elizabeth who since working with Messy Jessie had dyed her hair blonde. I realised I may have made a bit of a mistake with my booking when I saw her though. Elizabeth is gorgeous, a lovely curvy figure with rather incredible boobs. She is also rather tall and was probably going to look a giant next to the tiny and very petite Rachelle! To top it off in contrast to Rachelle’s Geordie accent Elizabeth sounded rather posh! I needn’t have worried though as both girls hit it off great and we had a very fun shoot indeed and I was rather sorry to have to bring it to a close so the girls could get home. Rachelle decided (much to Annabelle’s amusement) to attack me and I got a face full of gunge! Here’s some pics of the action. These two shoots were the first opportunity I had to test out the new stills camera. I was still learning with it so didn’t go 100% to plan but not bad for a first attempt.

 Once I and the girls had got cleaned up they got off to the station. Annabelle helped me break the back of the clean up before getting off herself leaving me to finish off and reflect on a rather good weekend! Keep your eye on the site over the coming months to see some of the results.