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Saturday 2 April 2022

Inflatable Bondage Chair Experiment

Sometimes we like to experiment on Messymayhem. The gunge tank and the inflatable bondage chair are two of the most popular things we have done, so why not try to combine them we thought…It didn’t exactly go to plan! Firstly do to a problem with a pump we had great difficulty inflating the chair. We then found that the chair wouldn’t fit properly in the tank and there was a danger it might slide out. So we placed the chair in front of the gunge tank, Candy sat in the gunge tank holding an extra piece of hose on the end of the main hose in order to direct the gunge over the chair in front. This all took a long time to set up, Willow had been waiting patiently and the crew were all tired and getting a bit fed up as it had already been a long day and the studio was going to need cleaning after the days shooting. So, we abandoned the idea of a game plonked a naked (and very brave) Willow in the chair and performed an experiment to see if the setup would work. The effect was pretty good. However, the gunge sprayed everywhere and the cleanup took ages. In addition the gunge managed to spray out of the join in the pipe and get Candy in the face too (not caught on camera). The result was after an hour or so of setup and a much more difficult cleanup than usual we got about 2 minutes of footage! Therefore it’s an experiment that we are unlikely to repeat (unless someone wants a very expensive custom!) so this short video is the only chance you will get of seeing this setup in action. We remain committed to future experimentation and by buying this video you are helping fund future WAM science! It’s up now on the
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