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Wednesday 12 October 2011

Now we are 2.

Greetings Messymayhem'ers

Tis' the Cornish one bringing glad tidings... it's our second birthday...

Apologies for the lack of blogs....I've been busy on the day job and moonlighting on the hobby side too, helping out with those mighty fine people of Topgunge

However, as we celebrate our birthday with one of our funniest and sexiest vids yet starring top wam stars Shay Hendrix and Jess West, in Episode 19 Part 3 - lovingly monikered In Your Pants! A linguistic game, which failure brings gunge - in your pants!
Jess might need bigger pants!

So some birthday stats!

  • 54 Videos
  • 23 Girls
  • Nearly 300 buckets of gunge
  • 250 pies
  • 300 cartons of custard
  • 50 cans of shaving foam
  • a numerous motorway miles for Cornish
  • Miles of dust sheet
  • 300 bin bags
  • and a shed load of fun

But whats been mine and Scouse's Top 3 vids????

Scouse's choices

EPISODE 3.1 Beki and Keeleigh play "Don't Laugh"

"Purely for Beki's chicken impression - it had us in stitches ourselves, no wonder Keeleigh copped it!"

Keeleigh realised Beki's foul impression was clucking good.

 EPISODE 13.4 Eden and Karen play "Triggerwords"

"For the face on Cornish when he realised Eden had been fibbing the whole time and Karen was right that she had seen the word"

Ice Cream was Eden's downfall, she cheated and still lost!

EPISODE 16.2 Messy Jessie and Messy Lauren play "Sticky or Twist"

"Simply for the epic gunge battle between Jessie and Lauren, which neither of us saw coming!"
A calm Jessie, ...yeh right 

So my choices....hmmmm, what better to muse on!

EPISODE 10.1 Demi and Nicole play "Don't Laugh"

So there I was, with Scouse hoping for a nice pleasant shoot - but bedlam enveloped! Truly truly mad is Demi....
The victor deary me!

EPISODE 8.2 Messy Jessie and Annabelle play "The Bomb Quiz"

When Messy Jessie said yessie to playing with us, we were more than delighted. It was also the first time the wam world sore the lovely blonde's beautiful boobies! What wasn't there to like. It was also a start a beautiful relationship between us guys and her- however I owe her one for gunging me at the Moomin Messy party!

EPISODE 13.2 Eden and Karen play "The Bomb Quiz"

Take our favourite Brummie and all round Messymayhem legend Karen and add the lovely Eden of Splosh and Mike Nomic's Mud Shoots fame. We make them play the bomb quiz, with Karen proclaiming that she's thick! And then a unlikely conclusion...
"I'm not gonna lie to you, I'm a little sore!"
So, there 2years done... whats coming up in year 3. Loads of new girls, loads of gunge, loads of silly here's to another 2 eh!

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