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Wednesday 4 June 2014

Rose’s How To: Gunge

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We join the lovely Rose in making her first bucket of gunge and she chats to camera about what she’s doing.  Once she has it mixed up then it’s time to use it and she calls on busty brummie Brook to use as a target. Brook isn’t exactly a willing target but she doesn’t get much choice as Rose removes her bra and holds onto her long hair so she can’t hide under it. Brook ends up liberally covered in Rose’s freshly made pink gunge. However she makes the mistake of being cheeky so Rose threw a load of very cold green gunge over her too. I’m not sure how much useful advice you’ll find in this How To Video but I doubt many instructional videos are this entertaining!

This is going to be the last video going up on the site for a few weeks as I’m going to be busy filming on a rather exciting project. It’s going to be good but is costing a small fortune to do so please continue to support the site over the next couple of weeks so I can keep doing this.

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