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Saturday 9 January 2010

New year... new look, same old goo!

Happy new year!

Welcome to 2010, and now 2010 reasons why you'll like our next video, Keeleigh and Beki playing our new finale... Xtreme Rock Paper Scissors....

Over 20 minutes in this epic game!

So picture the end of the shoot, Keeleigh in the shower, looking fab, the Scouse one running around with towels and the like, and I start the de-rig, the cameras stopped rolling, and I'd popped to do something, expecting Beki to be out of the pool awaiting her rub down before the shower, but there she is, reluctant to get out because she was having so much fun! So in the photoset you see a few extra bits and bobs

We are still working away for your pleasure despite the snow and ice (which the Scouse one has falled on twice this week) in the uk at the minute, bloody minus 20, good job we're not shooting, custard to frozen desert.....

You may have noticed our front page has had a bit of a tart up, and its starting to look something a bit like it, we hope you like it briefly before you hit the good stuff! Also thanks to some maintenance work done on the site we no longer show up in searches for law firms thanks to google for giving us the main keyword of, legal....

So unless you are a lawyer, we'd like to ask you the fans for you input.... remember the email is on the contact us page or email

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