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Tuesday 25 May 2010

Episode 6. Michelle Speaks....

Greetings good gentlefolk of gungeon.... Tis I the Omnipresent from Kernowshire bringing you tidings from

So... You may have seen that Episode 6, starring Michelle and Annabelle, there was a fair amount of revenge in return for the sheer amount of arse kicking in Episode 2, when these pair went head to head, and Annabelle was on the end of it! Revenge was a dish served sticky as Michelle foud out to her cost. We spoke to her afterwards about the ordeal...

When I arrived at the shoot with the guys from Messy Mahem Annabelle and I both got ready. As soon as we sat down to start the shoot I had a feeling it was going to be pay back time for me. (Ed. For those blissfully unaware, she was owed it!)

The first game I have to answer questions with the obvious answer beginning with L but my answer wasnt allowed to beginwith L. I didnt think I did to badly with the answers but I still got totally gunged

The second part of the shoot we played a game called Judge Jon where Annabella and I both had to put a plea to Jon as to why we should get gunged. I tried to blag it saying I shouldnt get gunged because I had big boobs and tried my hardest to wriggle out of it but at the end of the game Jon decided I it should be me that got gunged - surprise surprise. (Ed. Well, I'm only human, I'm not made of wood!)

The last game we played Paper, Scissors and Stone and yet again I lost.

The shoot as alway was fun and it was great to work with Annabelle. I left the shoot with a full tummy and feeling a bit sick coz I couldnt stop licking the Custard and Angel Delight.

Just as I was leaving I did manage to get my own back on Jon though. As he was cleanning up I covered him with gunge.
(Ed. twas only a smidge, and it has been noted - revenge will be sweet. mwuahahhah)

SO that's the Episode 6, Ep7 is on its way with Loopy Louisa, and Sultry Sapphire , it should be a cracker, but as all good newsreaders (and the ones on BBC3 and Sky News) say - there will be more on that later, as we get it....

Til then.... keep em peeled

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