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Sunday, 5 September 2010

Entering the Tenth Kingdom....

... and no we're not talking about some weird sci fi programme with trolls and wizards thing and talking dogs from America. We're talking about Messymayhems 10th Episode.... a veritable war of the Roses, starring experienced splosher Demi, from white rosed Yorkshire and relative newb red rosed Nicole.

So we start off with the traditional favourite.....Don't Laugh...

Now bear in mind, Demi is uber hyperactive, but also bear in mind the sweet laden goodies that the girls have at their disposal, Ms Scott was practically bouncing off the bleeding walls. A game of balance and poise, and Nicole, to suceed, had to enter a veritable zen of calm.

Lunacy was prevalent.

Nicole's chances of staying clean.


But it didn't end up all going Demi's way, and a precedent was set......

It's a coming as soon the Scouse one's hamster broadband uploads it....

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