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Saturday 27 March 2010

Karen - a messymayhem legend...!

Yet another musing from me the pastychomping legend.

Now, I'm sure you are all aware of the lovely Karen, who adorns our wonderiforius site, and has become a bit of a star in the short inception of the site....

But did you know.....

....she's a demon with a wheel brace.

Following our first shoot at Karen's house, the Cornish one already running late and stressed and loss, found the estate where she lived, and didn't see a kerb, pop goes the tyre, brand new aswell, and Jonny's a bit glum! Anyways after getting covered in gunge, cleaning up the house, cleaning herself up, the Brum Bombshell then comes to help a struggling pastychomper with a travel jack and dodgy socket set, tells me to move aside and changes the wheel. Certainly not afraid to get her hands dirty, but then she isn't fussed about getting all of her body dirty either!

... she genuinely wanted to get gunged

hence her up for it, bring it on attitude that we love! I bumped into her at a recent non-messy thing, she was draped over some racing cars, and well, she didn't stop chatting about how she loved the pink gunge that she received!

....she's paranoid

Convinced that our timings were wrong in Episode 1 Part 1 and that we rigged the competition to gunge her, what didn't help is letting her play the BRQ with Lorna.... I think you can guess the rest!

She is most definately our first star of Messymayhem and she remains incredibly popular with our viewers - and she's back in Episode 5 Part 3, coming very soon!

And we are now on Twitter - keep up to date with our updates, exclusives and new releases only at Add as a friend!

Right, deep breath as over Easter we are busy busy busy....Oh you might want to pay attention to the above....

Something, something, later peeps
Something, something, the Cornish One

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