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Friday, 4 December 2009

Coming soon : the funniest do not laugh yet....

So here we are, now in Episode 3, the 3rd installment of the Messymayhem. A quick word about our protagonists in this Episode, brunette beauty Keeley who was lovely and very patient, as a crisis as the Scouse One and I, panicked as the intended model pulled out an hour before the actual start of shooting. Initially a blessing, as it was intended that Keeley was gonna be a little bit late, but now, with time ticking, and models ruling themselves out at such short notice left right and centre, we began to think that this simply wasn't gonna happen.
Bearing in mind that this shoot had been recast several times, dear Bob was starting to lose as much hair as me, follically challenged pasty boy...
Then a fair maiden from cross the shire, came forth with t'shining cloth cap and t'whippet. Step forward, feisty lass Beki of T'yorkshur!
Now on to Part 1... coming to website near you soon... our great game, Don't Laugh or You Will Lose. Now whether Beki had spent the journey along the M62 dosing up on yellow Smarties, Sunny Delight, and other such E number ridden goodies remains up for debate. She was like the proverbial kid, in the proverbial sweetshop. Tigger would look sedated in comparison! However, Keeley had the unenviable task of keeping the stony face, for the 2 minutes, whilst Beki, tried her hardest to make her laugh. She really did, she tried, bless her. Keeley didn't stand a chance...

Anyways, you'd have got better odds on Lord Lucan winning the Martian Derby on Shergar......


  1. I love the idea for the site - any chance of full nudity sometime in the future...?

    At the other extreme - being gunged in smart dress or office wear would also add some variety.

  2. Thank you for your kind comments, we'll take it on board, all I can say is watch this space....

  3. do you do any knicker filling