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Saturday, 1 December 2012 Advent Calendar

We shall be counting down to Christmas this year not with little chocolates behind windows in a cardboard box that costs a fortune but with a photo of one of our girls being put up on the blog every day. More often than not very messy, sometimes unseen pictures, sometimes old favourites and there is the odd sneak peek of shoots to come so sit back and enjoy the healthy way to count down to Christmas from the WAM site that cares about your health! Of course if you're not going to spend a small fortune on an advent calendar with chocolates in you could always buy a download off the site.

Kicking us off on day one is Katie, covered in green gunge and looking slightly like a Christmas Tree (well you have to admit she has some impressive baubles!). This gunge loving nutter from Bristol who can be found mucking around with Shay Hendrix in Episode 34 which is available now on the download store

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