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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

The start of “GYOB season” on Messymayhem with Rachelle and Elizabeth

I realised more by fluke than good management that there is going to be a bit of a run of Get Your Own Back quizzes hitting the site in the next month or so. So fans of the 90’s kids TV show hosted by Dave Benson Phillips calm yourselves you’re in for a treat. For it’s not Dad’s who won’t buy their kids sweets or Mums that give their kids annoying haircuts playing it some rather lovely models trying to escape the gunge. Ok we don’t have a lavish gunge tank in which to deposit them into but we do have a pool, a lot of gunge and should they lose they’ll be going topless into the bargain! In the first of these the aggrieved party is Rachelle our very cute and tiny geordie. Facing the questions and trying to turn the tables is the busty beauty Elizabeth. It’s Episode 38 Part 3 and it’s up now on the download store


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