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Wednesday 20 February 2013

Eden and Lolly go Extreme with some rather yukky gunge!

Yes it’s another match of that increasingly popular sport (which may possibly even feature as an Olympic event of the future!) Extreme, Rock, Paper Scissors! Playing is the lovely Lolly and sexy dark skinned diva Eden. Hosting is the games creator the ever lovely and rather cheeky Annabelle. This time round however instead of the usual multicoloured gunge somehow we had just ended up with an awful lot of sloppy seconds (recycled gunge that we had already used once), the colours had all mixed together making it a sludgy grey colour not to dissimilar looking to clay. It was cold, had the odd lump in it and was generally disgusting. Every round was hard fought and neither girl wanted to lose. It’s an epic, it’s Episode 40 Part 2 and it’s up now on the download store


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