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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Messymayhem with a Gunge Tank

Earlier this summer Messymayhem went on holiday, but it wasn’t sun, sand and cocktails. It was a shed in the rainy south of England with sweets and sandwiches from the garage across the road. This doesn’t sound promising I know but we were guests of the lovely Dave and Hayley of and has the loan of their gunge tank! With us were two gunge virgins, tall slim and very load brunette Kay and the lovely, curvy Jessica Lo who had stepped in and saved the day at the last minute when another girl cancelled. Hosting was meant to be the adorable Jess West but she was stuck in a traffic jam at this point so I’m afraid it’s me Bob standing in, sorry! We kicked things off with a strip race to decide which of these lovely ladies would be the first into the tank. It’s Episode 51 Part 1 and it’s up now on the download store

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