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Monday 1 December 2014

Messy Mayhem Advert Calendar 2014 Day 1

Christmas is coming,
The pies are going splat,
Please put Jenny in the big gunge vat,
If you haven't got Jenny, Jessie will do,
If you haven't got Jessie, then the gunge is for you!

Yes tis the time for seasonal nonsense! There will be one more video going up this year (and it’s a corker) before I have a bit of a break. Don’t worry I have some great stuff lined up to be released in the new year so won’t be quiet for too long. In the meantime to get you in the mood and give you a daily fix of mess and madness it’s a return for the messymayhem advent calendar. Every day I’ll be posting a photo on the blog at the site counting down the days to the big day. Some new, some old, some clean, some messy.

Here is your first the lovely WAM legend that is Naomi K taken from "Naomi K's Slime Delivery" available now on the download store

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