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Sunday, 14 May 2017

Helen aka GMRH videos being taken down. Get them while you can!

Helen aka GMRH (gunge my red hair) is a beautiful red haired Wammer from Scotland who was quite active in the community a while back. I was lucky enough for her to agree to come down and shoot with us for over a weekend and she was seriously excited to be gunged in a gunge tank for the first time. A while after this Helen quit the scene and took her own content off sale. She has recently been in contact and I have agreed to remove her scenes from my stores too. The 5 videos with her in will be removed by 10th of June 2017 so you have just under a month to get them before they are gone forever.

You can find them here on my download store. Use “GMRH” in the search box to find them

Or go here to find them on the UMD Store

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