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Thursday, 6 December 2018

Introducing Ivy…girls who want to be gunged are a bit like buses!

After the video of Ellie I released last week I'd forgive you if you were a bit cynical if I said that I had been contacted by another girl who wanted to be gunged. This time an absolutely gorgeous model called Ivy. However this is absolutely true and by happy accident I managed to schedule shoots so that her and Ellie ended up working together. This is how it happened... Sometimes I put up castings to see if I can find new girls to come and shoot with us. I usually gets lots of replies, only occasionally from someone who I want to work with. The response I got back from Ivy was nothing short of incredible, Ivy wanted to be gunged. She really, really wanted to be gunged and had wanted to be since she was a child. We just had to shoot with her and here’s what happened when we did…It’s Episode 111 Part 2 and it’s up now on the download store 

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