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Friday, 10 January 2020

Ivy, Naked, Naughty and Gunged

Cute and adorable WAM superstar Ivy Rain is horny. She knows you’re watching but she can’t help herself. Naked she steps into the gunge tank, spreads her legs and starts to masturbate. She knows what will happen but this doesn’t stop her. Then she goes to work on her pussy, breathlessly moaning and purring, clearly enjoying herself. Then down comes a jet of pink gunge splattering over her breasts and going down between her legs. This doesn’t discourage her though and she continues to enjoy herself. More gunge falls and she is completely covered and continues to masturbate until finally she’s had enough. She then puts down her leg and leans against the side of the tank tired from her efforts and dripping with gunge. She then looks towards the camera with the most innocent, butter wouldn’t melt look but we know better!Episode 128 Part 1 is up now on the download store

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