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Friday, 30 October 2009


Ok we’ll stop teasing you now, IS NOW OPEN!

First off the whole idea of the site………

I wanted to produce WAM that’s sexy, fun and well made and hopefully that’s what we’ll deliver. I was raised on gameshows as a kid and that’s heavily influenced the ideas behind the site. It’s a basic principle really two people play very silly games with the result of the loser getting gunged. What makes this concept slightly more interesting is the fact the two people are gorgeous girls and losing involves losing your clothes as well as a good gunging! I’m aiming to update once a month with an episode containing both video and high resolution photosets of all the action.
We don’t claim to know it all by a long shot and what you are going to see is a first attempt, we’re working really hard on improving what we do, I hope you’ll stick with us and enjoy the ride.

How it came to be.....

First off I never started out with the intention of creating a WAM site. You may remember about 5 months ago I posted some photos on the forum of a photoshoot I did with two models getting messy in gunge. The response to those photos was phenomenal and I had a lot of people asking me to do more, initially I just laughed this off but interest and kind words from glamourgunge got me thinking about the idea more seriously, then a mail from Noise which was basically a big kick up the arse telling me in no uncertain terms to do it (so blame him!) the following months I worked my arse off and spent an awful lot of money and at times didn’t get much sleep! My advice to anyone thinking of starting a WAM site is you really have to love it because at times it can be awful and you have to love doing it enough to make up for this. I’ve been fortunate enough to have a good friend in Jon giving me a lot of help along the way, not just turning up to shoots but being there to talk through ideas and problems so huge thanks go to him. I won’t give you a list of problems we’ve had because it would go on for an age but we’ve got through them and done 3 shoots to date with more taking place very soon. The results from the first shoot are now up to download as episode 1. There are 2 videos and 2 photo sets. Below is the story of that first shoot and some sample images from it. Hope you enjoy. It feels great to get here finally, big thanks to all who have helped make it possible and encourage me along the way. A tip of the hat needs to go to many sites who I have admired over the years and nicked various thing from in no particular order,,,,, and probably others I should mention but have forgotten.


The first shoot.......

A Brummie, a Scouser, a Cornishman and Geordie meet in the West Midlands with 24 litres of gunge and a couple of cameras, the result ........Messy mayhem...... quite literally! I’ll be the first to admit the shoot was a little chaotic. I travelled down by train and as a result of late running’s had less than an hour to set up, Karen’s kitchen wasn’t very big and not the ideal place for mixing 24 litres of gunge! This wasn’t helped by Karen being in hysterics and stopping stirring “oh my god” every 2 mins and the absence of an electric whisk. The result was the gunge did end up a bit lumpier than hoped for. Jon then got a bit lost and had to be guided by Karen who’s sense of direction in her home town wasn’t brilliant he finally made it but ended up splitting his tyre on a kerbstone as he turned into the road. Finally Emma also met with train problems and turned up late and in a rather bad mood. At least we had all made it!
Now I also have to admit we had miscalculated when it came to lighting. I had enough light from my flash kit for stills but the video cameras were struggling a bit with ambient light (I have fixed this as best I can in the edit –it’s still perfectly watchable but the quality has been reduced a bit which is why these first two videos are going to be priced slightly cheaper than later ones where we sorted the lighting issues).
Anyway after the initial chaos we eventually had the two girls looking damn sexy in their underwear standing in the pool ready to play. The first game was “Do not laugh or you will lose” I devised this after talking with Karen and her telling me that she was a terrible giggler. The concept simple...Karen had to not laugh for 2 minutes if she could then Emma got gunged, but Emma could do what she liked to make Karen laugh, if she laughed inside the 2 mins she got gunged. Karen proved a tough cookie managing to stifle any giggles caused by Emma unlatching her bra, tickling her or flashing her bum, unfortunately Karen’s undoing came when Jon counted down the last seconds and does it slightly too quickly. Karen thought the game was over and laughed as Emma is screaming “noooooo” unfortunately this is just before the buzzer goes off at the end of the 2 minutes. There is a quick adjudication Karen protests about cheating but doesn’t seem too displeased when it’s ruled she lost and is up for messymayhem’s first gunging!
She’s scared at first but soon starts enjoying herself and coming out with some pretty funny comments, Emma really plays the evil presenter type role well too. She gets a good dousing of blue and yellow gunge. Anyway without further ado here are a few of my stills from the photoset of 93 images all at high resolution (four times the size they are appearing on the umd). Karen is grinning pretty much through out she really did seem to enjoy herself.

Part 2 is the Higher or Lower Quiz. Now some sites do higher or lower quizzes with cards, personally I thought this was a bit boring so decided to do it with random objects. Emma has 15 objects and has to say whether they are higher or lower than the previous object if she gets it wrong she gets gunged. Unfortunately we had a couple of tech issues which I won’t bore you with but it resulted in me having to put the questions in as titles rather than play Karen reading them. Now it has to be said that Emma wasn’t in the best frame of mind on this shoot, she was more concerned with how she was going to deal with the paparazzi that night due to her involvement with former football player Paul Gascoigne which she kept talking about – in fact it’s a wonder it never made the video. Emma does pretty well on the quiz only getting a couple wrong however when she does her reaction is fairly spectacular. She clearly isn’t enjoying it! Matters are made worse when she discovers the final question is a trick and Karen dumps the rest of the gunge on her. It doesn’t stop her stripping her bra off and doing some very sexy posing however. Below are a couple of samples from the 53 image highres photoset. Enjoy

Just to wrap up after a clean up operation, a tyre change and several calls to the newsdesks of certain papers with Emma trying to sell a story about herself we went our separate ways. Karen had clearly loved it (but was slightly worried about her drains being clogged with gunged), Emma hadn’t and me and Jon had learnt a lot for next time. Between then and now I battled tech problems with the video and edited the photo sets, we’ve also done a couple of other shoots but more of them in the future. I hope you have liked what you’ve seen and are moved enough to want to download. This isn’t a money making excerise I’ve done it purely because I love WAM but if I don’t make some money back I can’t keep doing it indefinitely. Thanks for reading all this and any questions or comments are very welcome.


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